$1200 Sign-On Bonus!
Start driving today and earn $600 at your 6 month and 1 year anniversary with on-time truck payments.

$500 Referral Bonus!
Refer a new driver to our company and earn $250 at their 6 month and 1 year anniversary with on-time truck payments and employment in good standing.

RTO Truck and Trailer Program
Your Rent-to-Own Truck Provider
Established June 2004
Our goal became a reality in January, 2007 when our first truck hit the road and is still running the highways today. We purchase semi tractors wholesale for drivers that are interested in renting-to-own their own truck and working towards their goals of becoming a successful Owner Operator. Visit our Rnt-A-Pwr page and click on "Rent-to-Own Application" to start the process in applying for a rent-to-own truck lease.
Trucking Company
We Keep Your Freight Moving
Established February 2010
We allow our Owner Operators the opportunity to lease back to PWR Transport after they are set up with a Rnt-A-Pwr truck. We also offer Owner Operators the ability to lease a trailer with a rent-to-own contract. Have your own truck and trailer? That's okay! We love to have new Owner Operators join our PWR Transport team. Visit our PWR Transport page and click on "Owner Operator Application" to apply to join our team of Owner Operators.
Freight Brokerage
Our Service is Priceless
Established June 2012
PWR Logistics brokerage service works with our customers closely to provide them the ability to outsource their freight. By offering this option to the customer, PWR Logistics can find carriers for their freight movements, usually at a reduced rate. This is very cost effective and time saving for the customer. Visit our PWR Logistics page and click on "Request Quote" to get more information and a shipping rate for your freight.